Jesus’ last week: Tuesday

By Eric Huntsman

This post comes from Dr. Huntsman’s blog and his book God So Loved the World, 27–37.

Jesus seems to have continued teaching in the temple in Tuesday.  As mentioned in the discussion of Jesus’ temple teachings on Monday, the material falls into two major blocks, making it natural to treat the second block, the authorities’ attempts to catch Jesus in his words, on this second day. This day also seems to have been the occasion of Jesus’ powerful prophecies about the future.

Both of these episodes signal the imminent shift from the kingly to the priestly phase of the Savior’s last week.  Because the questioning of Jesus coincided with the priestly examination of the paschal lambs that were to be sacrificed later in the week, it underscores that Jesus was the actual Lamb of God “who taketh away the sin of the world” (John 1:29). Likewise, his prophecy of his future return in glory makes clear that his actual reception as the True King of Israel lay in the future with his Second Coming, his first coming being focused instead on his great atoning work.

Model of ancient city of Jerusalem at the time of Jesus.

Model of ancient city of Jerusalem at the time of Jesus.

Scriptural accounts for Tuesday: Mark 11:20–13:37; Matt 21:23–25:46; Luke 20:1–21:38; John 12:37–50

Episodes for Personal Study:

Lesson from the Withered Fig Tree (Mark 11:20–21)

More Teachings in the Temple: Attempts to Trap Jesus in His Words (Matthew 22:15–23:39; Mark 12:13–12:44; Luke 20:1–21:4)

The Olivet Discourse or “Little Apocalypse” Concerning Jesus’ Prophecies Regarding the Last Days Before His Second Coming (Matthew 24:1–25:46; Mark 13:1–37; Luke 21:5–36; because few events are recorded for Wednesday, parts of the Olivet Discourse can be read on the next day).

Summary of Jesus’ Teaching (Luke 21:37–38; John 12:37–50)