Conference Videos

Below are videos of the presentations given at the Third Annual BYU New Testament Commentary Conference held on July 31, 2015.

John W. Welch, Welcome and Introductions, and “Visiting the Ruins of Corinth Today”

Kevin L. Barney, “The Joseph Smith Translation of 1 Corinthians: Toward an Eclectic Approach”

Craig L. Blomberg, Denver Seminary, “A Celestial Commentary on 1 Corinthians”

Avram R. Shannon, “The Term ‘Apostle’: Issues in Using Jewish Sources in New Testament Studies”

Julie M. Smith, “Portraits of Jesus: Christology in the Gospel of Mark and 1 Corinthians”

Brock M. Mason and David L. Paulsen, “Theological Underpinnings of Baptism for the Dead”

T. Benjamin Spackman, “Christian Accommodation at Corinth”

Michael D. Rhodes, “Remarks and Responses: Behind the Scenes of This New Commentary”

Richard D. Draper, “‘The Cup of Blessing’: Paul’s Teachings on the Sacrament in 1 Corinthians 10”